Mai 22, 2022

Girl's heart tattoo on shoulder with sea and sailor

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Heart tat tribute to sea

Unique and fresh; this girl’s shoulder tattoo is one of the most distinctive heart tattoos for girls out there.

Girl’s heart tattoo on shoulder with sea and sailor

Star tattoos and swallow tattoos are commonly attributed to the sea and sailors, but it’s not often you see a heart tattoo inked as a tribute to the sea. This girl’s shoulder tattoo features a large heart outlined in black with two ships sailing on a blue sea. Also included in the heart tattoo are a few birds flying in the sky amongst the clouds. The heart tat is inked on this girl’s right shoulder.

We think this heart tattoo is one of the coolest! It’s obvious that this girl loves tattoos (and piercings), since she has another large tat inked on the left side of her chest. And, even though heart tattoos are very popular among girls, simple and abstract heart tats are the ones you see the most often. It’s cool to see a heart tattoo that really depicts something that the wearer holds dear to her, well, heart!

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