Juli 29, 2021

Tiny red outline heart tattoo on foot

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Small red heart tattoo

Tiny heart tattoos like this one are cute and classy, especially when girls get these tats inked on the wrist or foot.

Tiny red outline heart tattoo on foot

We think small heart tattoos are super cool. They are subtle and feminine, but they still make a certain statement depending on the heart tattoo design. This girl’s heart tat is outline with black ink and filled in with red. The tiny heart tat is inked on her left foot, right near her ankle. The foot tattoo is very subtle and you would almost never notice it unless you knew it was there.

Heart tattoos have been around for a long time, and they have come to hold a variety of different meanings throughout the years. The most important distinction between different kinds of heart tattoos is the design the artist uses. Some heart tattoos feature broken hearts, pierced hearts, hearts with mom banners, and even hearts with flames. Because this girl’s heart tattoo is inked in red and is pretty small, we think it is meant to represent some kind of personal love or passion.