September 30, 2023

Cat and dog friendship heart tattoo on chest

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Pet friendship heart tat

In the ultimate friendship tattoo, this guy got a big heart tattoo inked on his chest with a dog and cat.

Cat and dog friendship heart tattoo on chest

Heart tattoos meaning friendship are great. But this guy really went the extra mile and got a picture of a dog and cat inked on his chest, with a heart between them reading “Friendship” on a banner. The chest tattoo also has what looks like a sun rising behind the heart image. This guy obviously likes tattoos and he must either really love his pets or just really feel strongly about friendship.

There are a number of different heart tattoo meanings out there, but this chest tattoo makes a pretty clear statement that it symbolizes friendship. Friendship between cats and dogs, no less, which we all know is hard to find. So the question is, do you love your dog and cat enough to get them inked in a heart tattoo on your chest?