Dezember 3, 2021

Bruno mars' shoulder heart tattoo with banner

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Bruno mars’ heart tat

Singer-songwriter Bruno Mars went for the classic look when he got the heart tattoo with a banner on his shoulder.

Bruno mars’ shoulder heart tattoo with banner

“Who is Bernadette?” you might be wondering. No, she’s not some mysterious love of Bruno Mars’. Bernadette is actually the mother of Bruno Mars, and how cute that he got her name inked on his shoulder with a heart tattoo! Bruno Mars’ heart tattoo is a very classic “Mom” tattoo, depicting a red heart with a banner that reads his mom’s name.

It’s pretty cool to see that some celebrities aren’t too cool to show some love for their mom! The “Bernadette” heart tattoo is inked on Bruno Mars’ right shoulder, and joins the several other tattoos that Bruno Mars has. Mom tattoos like the one Bruno Mars got on his shoulder are definitely the way to go. It’s probably pretty hard for your mom to get mad at you for getting a tattoo when it’s a shout out to her!

Bruno mars’ heart tat