September 26, 2023

Waist & back lily blossoms flower tattoo

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Pretty lily plant

Lily plant branch that winds along a girl’s back and waist with lots of green leaves and pretty red lilies blooming.

Waist & back lily blossoms flower tattoo

This branch of a lily plant looks so realistic. The lilies are inked in red, pink, and white with thin black outlining and the leaves and flower buds are done in various shades of green. The tattoo starts at the backside or her ribs and curves down her side and onto her waist and hip.

There are so many different kinds of flower designs to choose from. This image has a tropical garden look to it. You could put a little yellow butterfly or a red and black ladybug on a leaf to add to the outdoor garden theme. This is also the type of pattern that would look good repeated all the way down her thigh or up to her shoulder.

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