Juli 13, 2020

Small cherry blossom flower tattoo on breast

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Tiny cherry blossom tat

Two small cherry blossoms inked underneath the right breast. The flower tat is inked in red, green and yellow.

Small cherry blossom flower tattoo on breast

A good spot for a flower tattoo is just below the breast, where it can be covered up or shown off as the wearer pleases. This girl’s cherry blossom tattoo is inked just on the underside of her right breast, which probably looks great when she wears a bikini. The flower tattoo design features red blossoms with green leaves and a yellow center.

Cherry blossom tattoos come in all shapes and sizes, and some girls choose to get the blossoms inked all across their bodies. This girl opted for a more subtle tat, with just two tiny cherry blossoms. Because of their beauty and elegance, cherry blossoms are a popular design for flower tattoos. Depending on the wearer’s culture and beliefs, flower tattoo meanings with cherry blossoms can symbolize power, beauty and admiration of life.