August 14, 2020

Women's side cherry blossom flower tattoo

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Cherry blossom tree

Large side and back tattoo of a dark cherry blossom tree with blooming red and white flowers on it’s branches.

Women’s side cherry blossom flower tattoo

Cherry blossom tree tattoos look great as torso and side tattoos because you can wrap the branches along the curves of the body without distorting the look of the tree. These branches are dark and twist up into thin twigs with pretty little pink and white cherry blossom flowers. She also has some background detail in a grey ink to fill in some of the empty space between the branches.

Cherry blossoms have powerful meanings in various cultures. The Japanese consider cherry blossoms in bloom to be a time for celebration. Check out the “Cherry Blossoms” page on the left side column for more designs and meanings of these flowers.