März 30, 2020

Shoulder black & white flower tattoo for men

image reblogged from http://www.tattoounet.tumblr.com

Mens neck flower tattoo

Big black, grey, and white shaded flower opened in full bloom tattooed on the neck and shoulder of a guy.

Shoulder black & white flower tattoo for men

Flower tattoos look great as closed buds like little cherry blossoms or as big blooms like this flower tattoo. The design is outlined in all black with white and grey shading on the petals. The center also has black outlining so the detail shows against the darker petals. He placed it on his neck and shoulder so it peaks out of his shirt a bit.

Certain flowers have meaning and are symbols in various cultures but a flower like this looks free drawn and does not have to be any specific type or symbol if you don’t want it to be. A couple leaves would be a good way to make this tat idea your own.