Juli 4, 2020

Black gladiolus & larkspur flower tattoo on shoulder

image reblogged from http://www.tattoounet.tumblr.com

Girls gladiolus blooms

Three pretty black and white flowers in the design of a gladiola, a larkspur, and a violet on a girl’s back shoulder.

Black gladiolus & larkspur flower tattoo on shoulder

Creating a tattoo of different types of flowers looks really pretty. The largest flower is in the middle and is in the shape of a larkspur flower. The smallest one is a violet and the one on the right is a gladiola bloom. The three flowers are placed next to each other in a line on her back and shoulder from the center out toward her arm.

Using only black and white ink is an interesting take for a flower tattoo. You could always use a rainbow of colors but the black shading makes this tattoo have a vintage look. Flowers are symbols for beauty so no matter how you color them in, they will be beautiful.