August 9, 2020

Shoulder & back cherry blossom flower tattoo

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Cherry blossom branch

Black and white cherry blossom branch done horizontally across the back and shoulder of a girl with Sailor Moon.

Shoulder & back cherry blossom flower tattoo

Traditional cherry blossom designs bring a sense of old vs. new with this Japanese anime and cherry blossom tattoo. The left shoulder has the branch inked in black and white with pink and yellow blossom flowers. The right shoulder has Sailor Moon, the anime character, sitting inside a crescent moon in blue, red, and yellow.

This is such an interesting motif for a flower tattoo. Both of these images are huge parts of Japanese culture but from opposite ends of the spectrum. Another way to draw this would be to put Sailor Moon in the middle with two cherry blossom branches around her to bring it all together more.