April 15, 2021

California poppy flower rib tattoo

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Rib Poppy flower tat

A vivid & realistic bright orange Poppy flower with green stems and leaves, on a girl’s side rib cage.

California poppy flower rib tattoo

A beautifully realistic rib tattoo of bright orange poppy flowers, along with a parted green stem and ridged leaves. This poppy flower tattoo is beautifully inked with dark tints of orange and highlights of yellow around the petals. There is one blooming poppy flower and two budded flowers along the stem of the Poppy flower.

The California poppy is a beautiful flower that is California’s state flower. Poppy flowers are a popularity amongst women because of their bright and warm colors. Some women get this tattoo because they feel it will bring them luck, or just because it’s their birth flower. The poppy flower is linked to the changing of the season and was known to be the emblem of the Greek Goddess Demeter. Demeter was the Greek goddess of the harvest and Zeus’s daughter.