Oktober 21, 2021

Black lily & stars flower tattoo on ribs

image reblogged from http://www.tattoounet.tumblr.com

lily and shooting stars

Black outline of a lily and shooting stars with tiny all black stars and swirls tatted on a girl’s rib and stomach.

Black lily & stars flower tattoo on ribs

White lilies look so pretty as tattoos. This design uses only black ink to shade the image of the flower on this girl’s rib and to stencil in unfilled stars that trail from the flower down to and around the hip and stomach. Thick black lines swirl all around the stars to connect the design and create a shooting star look.

To make the tattoo a bit more bold, she put tiny all black stars up by the lily and filled in one big star with another little black one. Shooting stars symbolize hopes and dreams and are meant to be wished upon to make them come true. Placing an image like a lily that represents beauty and life makes for a meaningful tattoo.

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