Juli 18, 2024

Black & white blossom flower tattoo on neck

image reblogged from http://www.tattoounet.tumblr.com

Girl’s full neck tat

Girl’s intense full neck tattoo of a rose with lots of petals, leaves, and accent shells all inked in black and white.

Black & white blossom flower tattoo on neck

Roses can be drawn with just a few opening petals or with layers and layers of them like this one is. The layering gives the flower a real life look even though it is not filled in with color. There are darkly shaded leaves around the rose and little basic flowers and a shell accenting them.

This tattoo is placed at the front of her neck and goes from the collarbone to almost her chin like a thick choker necklace. This is a full commitment area for a tat because there is no covering it with clothes or hair. This girl rocks hers with more tattoos of writing below it.

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