Juli 17, 2024

Black rose & skull flower tattoo on leg

image reblogged from http://www.tattoounet.tumblr.com

Steel skull and roses

Entire back of leg tattoo of a rose bloom, buds and leaves, and a skull at the bottom in black, white, and yellow.

Black rose & skull flower tattoo on leg

Flower tattoos don’t have to be pretty and life like. This design has a futuristic and metal like look to it. The rose is very symmetrical with small leaves jutting out here and there from under it. Below the rose are stems with lots of tiny leaves and big rose buds and then a skull in a cardiovascular heart shape.

The tattoo is done in mostly black, grey, and white and has little touches of yellow on the petals of the big rose, in the middle, and on the side of the skull, which adds brightness to this dark tattoo.

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