Dezember 4, 2022

Girl's shoulder Rhododendron flower tattoo

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Pretty red rhododendron 

A simple & large red petaled / ruffled Rhododendron flower on a girl’s shoulder with deadly green leaves.

Girl’s shoulder Rhododendron flower tattoo

A large and beautiful red blossoming Rhododendron flower, with ruffled petals and green leaves. This tattoo stretches from the top of this girl’s shoulder, towards the crease between her arm and front torso. This large tattoo adds a beautiful splash of red, pink and green colored ink, as well as ruffled flower petals. This flower tattoo design, is a lovely work of art and ink on a girl’s body. 

“Rhododendron”, means rose or red tree. The Rhododendron flower is Nepal’s national flower, in South Asia. The leaves that grow beneath the flower are known to be poisonous. The blossoming flower is symbolized to mean danger or caution, because of its toxic and poisonous qualities. This tattoo expresses, “I’m beautiful, but beware”. 

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