September 30, 2023

full body side vines flower tattoo

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Sexy cherry blossoms

Vine tattoo that extends from a girl’s shoulder all the way to her thigh with cherry blossoms and leaves throughout.

Full body side vines flower tattoo

These vines look like they slowly crawled up this girl’s body with the way they bend and swirl around her curves. She has lots of different images blooming off the vine as well. The cherry blossom flowers are done in white and pink ink and the leaves have a unique red and green pattern. There are also little leaves and tiny spirals coming off the vines.

Cherry blossoms are symbols of rarity and are a cause for celebration because the trees do not bloom on a regular basis. The red leaves have a Chinese look to them as well. You could add little insects like a butterfly or a bumble bee within the vines to personalize this design.