September 30, 2023

Traditional blushing woman sailor & flowers on foot

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 Flower & sailor girl tat

Sexy blushing sailor girl with blue eyes and black hair, along with two blossomed flowers and leaves. 

Traditional blushing woman sailor & flowers on foot

A sexy cartoon – like blue eyed, blushing, sailor girl with black hair and red lips. Two blossoming poppy flowers, bloom around her shoulder with red petals and a black / yellow center.  There are tints of baby blue ink around the sailor girl to make her and the flowers pop. Her hat has black tints in it, along with an anchor and green leaves around the golden anchor.

“Old school” tattoo designs are common amongst sailors.These tattoos include swallows on each side of the chest, girl’s in salior hats, and dice. Tattoo’s on sailors can be traced back to the early 1700’s. An anchor tattooed on a sailor, would mean that he had been across the Atlantic ocean or have had been apart of the Merchant marines. A Lot of the “salior” tattoo’s were to record a salior’s travels, achievements, naval hierarchy, rank, status, membership, and other significant events in their lives.