Dezember 5, 2023

Womens roses on foot flower tattoo

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Dark red roses blooming

Two big dark red roses with lots of petals blooming on the entire top of a foot with bright green leaves surrounding.

Womens roses on foot flower tattoo

Dark red roses have a beautiful and romantic tone and when paired with even darker shading, they look great as a tattoo. She added white ink on the underside of the curving petals and in the center to brighten up the tattoo a bit. The grass green leaves also add a punch of color to the dark tattoo.

Red roses have been a long-standing popular design for tattoos on both men and women. This image has more of a hibiscus flower shape with the way the petals ripple and is a cool way to put your own spin on a rose. A pastel blue background by the toes and ankle would make the roses stand out even more.