Dezember 5, 2023

Tropical flower pattern drawing

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Pink tropical flower tat

Three flowing pink tropical flowers w/ some twirled vines. Patterned tattoo design that looks similar to a lotus flower. 

Tropical flower pattern drawing

Three lightly tinted pink flowers, that resembles a lotus flower, with twirled vines. The bottom two flowers intersect at the tip of their petals and overlap. There are subtle hints of darker pink and yellow in the flower and flower petals. The vines are shaded in a light brown color with shadows of a darker brown. At the bottom of the flower petals, there are small tints of orange within the yellow coloring. 

This tropical flower pattern would be a perfect tattoo to be inked on a girl’s side, hip, back, leg or arms. The flowers are turned on their sides, overlapped with more petals from inside the flower. This patterned drawing would be great for any girl to get inked on their skin.