März 26, 2023

Arm rose, banner, & love flower tattoo

image reblogged from http://www.tattoounet.tumblr.com

“Love” on a rose tat

Delicate blooming rose tattoo in reds and coral colors with green leaves and a yellow banner that reads, “love”.

Arm rose, banner, & love flower tattoo

Flowers are great designs for tattoos because you can draw lots of petals peeling out from the middle to give them a 3D look. This pretty rose has varying shades or red and coral and is lightly outlined in black. The leaves also have varying shades of green to give them that real life look. The scroll banner is a light yellow color and reads, “love” in a curvy font.

Flowers symbolize beauty and life and roses have an added meaning of romance and love. A deep red rose also represents sexuality so this tattoo could be done as a dedication to your soul mate. An idea to make this design your own would be to add a stem to the rose that goes down the arm with little leaves and buds.

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