September 30, 2023

Traditional pink rose flower tattoo on ankle

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Life like pink rose

Real looking pastel pink rose that is just starting to open up with greenery around its base tattooed on an ankle.

Traditional pink rose flower tattoo on ankle

Rose flower tattoo designs come in so many varieties these days but traditional life-like roses are always on trend. This rose has a very short and thin stem with thorns on it and leaves at the hip of the flower all in the same color green. The rose itself is a mix of light pink, dark pink for shading, and white at the edges of the petals.

This tattoo has such a romantic look to it. The blotches of dark peach ink helps to make the light color rose pop against this woman’s light skin tone. You could create a longer stem that goes to the foot and add a few leaves toward the front of the ankle to add to this design.

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