Oktober 1, 2022

Japanese flowers cherry blossom tattoo on stomach

image reblogged from http://www.tattoounet.tumblr.com

Japanese fan and flowers

Lower stomach tattoo of a Japanese fan with script and little cherry blossom flowers inked towards her hips.

Japanese flowers cherry blossom tattoo on stomach

Colorful cherry blossom flowers are nice additions to black and white tattoos. This design has a Japanese folding fan done in grey and white with black writing in the middle. Pink, yellow, and white cherry blossom flowers with green leaves frame the fan. Swirls are drawn to add movement.

She has the design inked on her lower abdomen in the center and the flowers spread out like they are blowing around the fan. In Japanese culture cherry blossom trees in bloom are considered to be rare beauties and are causes for celebration. The flowers add meaning and color to this girl’s symbol.