April 15, 2021

Japanese branch & cherry blossom tattoo on side & ribs

image reblogged from http://www.tattoounet.tumblr.com

Cherry blossoms & tree

These branches bend and twist op the side of her body and along her ribs with plenty of soft pink cherry blossoms.

Japanese branch & cherry blossom tattoo on side & ribs

This tattoo looks like it is painted on her body instead of inked. The image does not have hard black outlining or crisp color. The branches are drawn in layering black,grey,tan,and white to create the painted look. The flowers are also unlined and almost fade into her skin in some areas and have a darker pink edging in others.

Cherry blossom trees symbolize a time for celebration in Japanese culture when they are in bloom. They also represent female beauty and strength. There are so many different design versions for these flowers so you can personalize the look to you taste while keeping the significance.