Juli 18, 2024

Vanessa Hudgens neck butterfly tattoo

Butterfly neck tattoo

Even celebrities get inked with butterfly tattoos! Singer Vanessa Hudgens has a pretty butterfly tat on her neck, shown in this photo.

Vanessa Hudgens neck butterfly tattoo

22-year-old celebrity Vanessa Hudgens has a small butterfly tattoo inked on the left side of her neck in pink, black and green. The young singer says her first tattoo, shown in this photo, was last-minute, although she has been thinking about getting it for a long time. According to Hudgens, the name Vanessa means butterfly – it’s a Latin derivative.

Butterfly tattoo meanings often differ from person to person. This pretty butterfly neck tattoo represents Vanessa Hudgen’s name, which her mother gave her after a butterfly landed on her stomach a week before the young starlet was born. It’s clear that this small butterfly tattoo holds a very deep meaning for the famous singer.