Mai 28, 2022

Upper back butterflies tattoo

Multiple back butterflies

No one loves butterflies as much as this girl. She has six butterflies on her upper back, all inked in different colors.

Upper back butterflies tattoo

This girl’s back tattoo is made up of six colorful butterflies, which are inked across her upper back so they look like they are flying. The large butterflies begin on the left side of her mid-back, and extend across her left and right shoulder blades onto her right shoulder. The butterflies are all different colors, including blue, black, yellow and pink.

Multiple butterflies tattoos are very popular tattoo designs for girls, and many girls get this type of butterfly tattoo inked on their backs. This girl’s back tattoo could represent beauty, freedom or femininity, which are common butterfly tattoo meanings. Regardless of the symbol she meant this tat to represent, it really illustrates her appreciation for the beautiful creatures.