September 30, 2023

Traditional rounded back butterfly tattoo

Colored butterfly tat

The fact that this girl’s butterfly back tattoo is so obviously UNrealistic actually makes it look pretty cool and artsy.

Traditional rounded back butterfly tattoo

This butterfly tattoo is very colorful and simple. The fact that the artist used rounded edges and primary colors on the butterfly’s wings makes the back tattoo look very flowy and almost impressionistic. This is one of the more unique butterfly tattoo designs out there, compared to the countless girls who have had monarch butterflies inked on their backs.

The use of bright orange, blue and red colors makes this butterfly tattoo really stand out against the girl’s skin. Most butterfly tattoos are inked as a symbol of beauty and femininity, although this back tattoo seems like a more fun and creative interpretation of this tattoo meaning. Although this butterfly may never be found out in the wild, it makes for a pretty cool back tattoo!