August 14, 2022

Small wrist butterfly tattoo

Girl’s butterfly on wrist

This girl’s tattoo is a butterfly on the inside of her right wrist. Too bad her killer tan line draws much more attention.

Small wrist butterfly tattoo

Try to tear your eyes away from this girl’s tanning booth tan lines to check out her wrist tattoo, which is a tiny black butterfly inked on her right wrist. The butterfly is small and subtle, and is also rather rudimentary. Overall, the butterfly tat is cute, and the fact that it’s located on the inside of her wrist makes it seem more personal and special.

Butterfly tattoos for girls are an extremely popular tattoo design, and have become increasingly common in recent years. In some cases, butterfly tattoo images are meant to represent something deep and personal for the wearer, as may be the case for this girl. For other girls, butterfly tattoos are just pretty and a good conversation starter.