August 14, 2022

Small hip butterfly tattoo

Purple butterfly tat

Small butterfly tattoos for girls are sexy and feminine. This hip tattoo is cute and is beautifully inked on this girl’s left hip.

Small hip butterfly tattoo

This pink and purple butterfly tattoo is small and very cute. It is inked in a subtle location on the front of her left hip, and is outlined in black, which really makes it stand out. The black lines that make up this hip tattoo are kind of intricate, which makes the butterfly image look almost like a tribal butterfly tattoo.

Butterfly tattoos for girls are very popular these days, but too many girls get oversized butterfly tats inked on their backs, arms or legs. Butterfly tats are supposed to represent beauty and femininity, but these large butterfly images do the exact opposite. This girl’s small butterfly tattoo is the perfect size and doesn’t take away from her own natural beauty.