Februar 28, 2024

Leg sideways butterfly tattoo

Colorful leg tattoo

Doesn’t these seem like a strange place to get a butterfly tat? Besides probably being painful, it just looks plain weird.

Leg sideways butterfly tattoo

I’m all for butterfly tattoos on girls when they are sexy and fun. This butterfly leg tattoo however, looks a little weird, especially because the antenna are creeping around to the other side of the knee. This butterfly tattoo is very colorful and is also rather large, which makes it a little less cute. Butterfly tattoos should probably be limited to the back, wrist or neck area, where they can be small and still attractive. This butterfly tattoo on the kneecap just doesn’t quite do it.

Butterflies are beautiful creatures and the best butterfly tattoos are typically simple and feminine. This leg tattoo, although colorful, kind of misses the mark when it comes to being attractive. Butterfly tattoos are often designed with the intention of representing femininity, beauty and grace. The bold, dark colors and size actually almost make this butterfly tattoo look masculine.