Juli 18, 2024

Butterflies with flowers tattoo

Butterfly outline tat

Original butterfly tattoos are often hard to come by. This stomach tat is unique and includes butterflies and flowers.

Butterflies with flowers tattoo

In what is a very distinctive butterfly tattoo, this girl has a tat on her stomach that includes numerous purple butterflies, three light blue flowers and a larger purple outline of a butterfly. The butterfly outline is very unique because it isn’t just a single line, but a kind of shading that makes up the butterfly. Below the tattoo looks like a signature, possibly of the person that created this butterfly tattoo design.

Tattoos say a lot about the wearer, and tattoos on girls are particularly revealing. Since butterfly tattoos are so popular these days, girls are often trying to find new ways to express themselves and their appreciation for the beautiful creatures. This butterfly tattoo picture is creative and artsy, and probably represents something important for this girl.