September 30, 2023

Butt Hip Butterflies Tattoo

Girl’s vibrant butterfly tat

The girl in this photo chose an interesting tat to have inked on her hip/butt, which includes three butterflies and flowers.

Butt hip butterflies tattoo

This girl must really like butterflies. She had three of them inked on her left hip in a butterfly tattoo that extends down her thigh and onto her lower back/butt area. The butterflies are all different colors and may or may not be butterflies you would actually see in nature. There are also flowers included in this butterfly tattoo, as well as swirly, cloud-like images that also look like flowers.

Many butterfly tattoo designs are attractive because they are subtle and have a very personal meaning for the wearer. This butterfly tattoo however, is too cartoonish and just has too much going on. The blue butterfly in this hip tattoo is actually pretty and looks realistic, but the others are very basic designs. Overall, this butterfly hip tattoo gets a C+.