September 30, 2023

Blue shoulder butterfly tattoo

Music clef butterfly tat

The large butterfly in this tat has a clef in place of its body, and is inked in blue and black on the right shoulder.

Blue shoulder butterfly tattoo

This musical clef butterfly tattoo takes up a good portion of this girl’s right shoulder and shoulder blade. The blue and black butterfly tattoo is unique because the butterfly’s body has been replaced with a large black musical clef. The butterfly’s wings are also very ornately designed, which makes the shoulder tat look fancier than a regular butterfly.

Butterfly tattoos for girls are very common, but they also typically hold very personal meanings for each individual wearer. This girl’s butterfly tattoo clearly represents something that is very important to her – music. The blue hues used in the butterfly tattoo design are also very calming and make the butterfly image appear soothing and tranquil.