August 14, 2022

Black and white sleeve butterfly tattoo

Butterfly outline sleeve

Sexy butterfly tattoos like this arm sleeve really make a statement. This black and white arm tat is feminine but edgy.

Black and white sleeve butterfly tattoo

Outline butterfly tattoos are distinctive and fun because they draw attention not only to the butterfly image, but to the tattoo design around the butterfly too. The butterfly in this girl’s arm sleeve tattoo is girly, but the rest of the sleeve consists of black and white skulls, which are anything but. The end result is an original butterfly tattoo design that doesn’t look exactly like every other girl’s out there.

Butterfly tattoos for girls are so common these days that it’s nice to see something that’s actually unique, like this butterfly arm tat. The unexpected combination of free-floating butterflies, stars, and a creepy black-eyed girl holding a skull in her arms is interesting and cool. Not that this girl looks like she really gives a crap what other people think of her, but I approve.