September 30, 2023

Best friend butterflies tattoo

Butterfly side tattoos

These two girls got matching butterfly tattoos on their sides, both of which are inked in pretty purple and blue colors.

Best friend butterflies tattoo

Best friend tattoos for girls are very popular, and butterfly tattoos in particular are common choices for matching BFF tattoos. These two girls chose to have butterflies inked on their sides; one girl had the butterfly and flowers tat inked on her left side below her armpit and the other girl got the butterfly tat inked on her right side/ribcage area along with the word “infinite.”

Although these matching best friends tattoos are cute, they are really large and take up a good part of the girls’ sides. The girl who got “infinite” inked below the butterfly image chose a font that almost looks like barbed wire, which doesn’t quite match what the tattoo seems to represent. The other girl’s butterfly tat is smaller, but the flowers below the butterfly make the final product just as large.