September 30, 2023

Back pattern butterfly tattoo

Feathered butterfly tat

Back butterfly tattoos are very common these days. This girl’s butterfly tat is black and is located on her upper back.

Back pattern butterfly tattoo

What makes butterfly tattoo designs so unique is that they come in all different shapes and sizes. This girl’s butterfly tat is inked in black on her back, near her right shoulder blade. The butterfly image uses simple curved lines to create the beautiful creature, and ends up looking very flowy and feathery. This butterfly back tattoo is pretty large but is also very attractive.

Even though this butterfly tat is made up of very simple black lines, the butterfly as a whole looks intricate, almost tribal. As girls continue to get butterfly tattoos inked on their backs, shoulders and necks, more unique butterfly tattoo designs are surfacing. This butterfly tat in particular is a keeper!