September 30, 2023

Back Multiple Butterflies Tattoo

Butterflies on girl’s back

You can never have too many butterfly tattoos…or can you? This girl has five monarch butterflies inked on her back.

Back multiple butterflies tattoo

One butterfly tattoo is cute. Two is pushing it. Five…now that’s just ridiculous. This girl went and had five monarch butterflies tattooed on her back, and the tat is so large that it reaches from her right hip/butt area almost all the way up to her right shoulder blade. I’m not sure what she was going for here, but I think she missed it by a long shot.

Supposedly butterfly tattoos represent femininity. But it seems to me that choosing to have so many of these insects inked on your back not only overstates this simple message, but also takes away from your natural femininity. Hopefully she doesn’t suddenly decide she likes bees or mosquitoes instead, since she’ll be stuck with this butterfly back tattoo for years to come.