Juli 18, 2024

Kissing Cherub Angels Tattoo

Cherub angel arm tat

This angel tattoo features two cherub angels kissing, and is located on this man’s upper left arm, near the shoulder.

Kissing cherub angels tattoo

This unique arm tattoo consists of a male cherub angel kissing the cheek of what appears to be a female cherub, who is kneeling down. Although the male cherub has small angel wings on his back, the female angel has butterfly wings instead. This angel tattoo uses little color, except for the angels’ brown hair and the blue and green of the butterfly wings. Just above the baby angel tattoo, this man also has three music notes extending onto his left shoulder blade, colored in red, yellow and blue.

Angels are considered spiritual beings and cherubs are often thought of as baby angels, depicted as young boys or girls with chubby bodies and small wings. Although angel tattoos are more common among women, the variety of meanings angel tattoos can have make them appropriate for men as well. In many cases, cherub angel tattoos are tattooed as a memorial for a young child who has passed away.

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