Juli 18, 2024

Simple black anchor tattoo on foot

Simple Simple black anchor tattoo on foot
Foot tattoos are growing in popularity for both men and women, and simple designs like this girl’s nautical anchor tattoo make great images for foot ink. The anchor tattoo for girls is inked in plain black and the long shape of the anchor makes for a classy tattoo design that is perfectly placed on the foot. The anchor tattoo is a medium size and starts in the middle of her foot, with the bottom of the anchor extending almost to her toes. Even though a solid black tat may seem like a masculine image, the location and crisp design work together to make this more of a feminine anchor tattoo. One of the most popular anchor tattoo meanings for girls is a safe port or returning home, much like the anchor tat Miley Cyrus sports on the outside of her right wrist. It’s possible this girl’s cool anchor tattoo means exactly that.

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