Mai 31, 2020

Red and yellow bird tribal tattoo

Bird tribal tattoo design

This bird tribal tattoo depicts a red and yellow bird of prey in flight, who is about to catch himself some dinner!

Red and yellow bird tribal tattoo

Birds, especially eagles and other birds of prey, are popular tribal tattoo designs, because of their important meaning. Since birds have the gift of flight, bird designs in tribal tattoos often represent freedom and power. This particular bird tribal tattoo is inked in red and yellow, which doesn’t seem to have any particular meaning as far as colors go.

This bird tribal tattoo design depicts a bird in flight with wings spread, looking like he is about to catch his prey with his talons. The shapes and lines used to make up the bird are very tribal looking, which gives the bird an even more fierce appearance. This tribal tattoo would look great inked on a guy’s back if it was large, or even a small version inked on a guy’s shoulder or upper arm.

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