Februar 26, 2021

Owl in flames tribal tattoo

Owl tribal tattoo

This tribal tattoo is unique because it includes an owl face in a design that looks like flames in the shape of a leaf.

Owl in flames tribal tattoo

Owls are traditionally a symbol of wisdom, protection and intelligence, which makes the creatures an interesting choice for a tribal tattoo. Tribal tats for men are often chosen because they are distinctive and are sometimes aesthetically appealing. In some cases, men may get inked with a tribal tattoo as a representation of their heritage. Getting an owl tribal tattoo inked inside flames in the shape of a leaf however, is definitely unique.

In ancient Egyptian, Hindu and Celtic cultures, the owl was seen as the guardian of the underworlds and the protector of the dead. Because of this symbolism, owls are often a representation of mysticism, a ruler of the night and seer of souls. Getting a tribal tat as an expression of wisdom, foresight and a keeper of sacred knowledge is pretty sweet!