September 26, 2023

Dragon tribal tattoo

Black dragon face

This cool tribal tattoo shows a dragon’s face inked in such a way that it makes him look like he’s not messing around!

Dragon tribal tattoo

Tribal tattoos are interesting because they use intersecting lines of different shapes and sizes to create a unique tattoo design. Even though this dragon tribal tattoo uses mostly curved lines to form the dragon’s face, the design ends up making the image look very severe and harsh. This dragon tribal tat is inked in black and white and would look great on a guy’s back or shoulder.

Because dragons are mythical creatures, tattoo artists pretty much have free reign when designing a dragon tattoo for men. This also means that different types of dragons traditionally represent different things, like good fortune, greediness, wisdom, or power. Dragon tribal tattoos are often chosen by men as an expression of their character or how they want people to see them.