Mai 24, 2018

Dragon tribal tattoo

Circle dragon tribal tat

Dragons are popular images to use in tribal tattoos for men. The black winged dragon in this tribal tat forms a circle.

Dragon tribal tattoo

Tribal tattoos are some of the most popular types of tattoo designs out there, especially for men. Many men choose to get dragon tribal tattoos inked on their bodies because the creatures symbolize power and strength. This dragon tribal tattoo is very unique and includes a black winged dragon designed with a variety of black lines.

Because the history of tribal tattoos reaches back thousands of years, it is pretty impressive that tribal tattoo designs are still popular today, among both men and women. In the past, tribal tattoos were used as a method of signifying social status in certain tribes. Today, tribal tats and other tattoos also have a social component to them, although many people choose to get tats simply because they like the way they look.