Juli 29, 2021

Pointed butterfly design tattoo

Tribal horned butterfly

One of the more distinctive butterfly tattoo designs out there is this tribal tattoo showing a butterfly with horns.

Pointed butterfly design tattoo

It’s always interesting to see different people’s interpretations of ordinary designs like butterfly tattoos. This tribal butterfly tattoo, for example, is a very simple design inked in black and white, although the sharp lines and horns evoke a very different feeling than a colorful, feminine butterfly tattoo would. This butterfly tat might (I said MIGHT) even be appropriate for a guy.

Butterfly tattoos are traditionally meant to symbolize beauty and grace, although butterfly tattoo meanings typically vary from person to person. This person in particular probably didn’t intend for their tattoo to represent feminine elegance; more like ferocity and freedom. Tribal tattoos are extremely common among both men and women, but this tribal butterfly tattoo is actually pretty unique.