Januar 27, 2023

Koi tattoo pattern drawing with flower

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Simple koi tattoo idea

Koi fish and flowers seem to go together so well. This koi tattoo idea features a koi fish jumping out of the water.

Koi tattoo pattern drawing with flower

All tattoos start out as an idea, and this koi tattoo drawing is a good starting point. The koi fish in this tat is pictured leaping out of the water, surrounded by several flowers. The tattoo drawing is shown in black and white, and although koi fish are vibrant, colorful fish, many koi fish tattoos are inked on the body in black and white too. The great thing about koi tattoos is that they are very versatile, and you can pick a design that suits you best.

Since the legend of koi fish dictates that the fish are able to swim upstream and up waterfalls, the fact that the koi in this drawing is jumping out of the water is very meaningful. This koi tattoo meaning could represent a person who is overcoming an obstacle or a hardship in his or her life. Just like the koi fish, the person who gets this koi fish tattoo could mean to symbolize a change in his or her life.