Juli 29, 2021

Black and grey fish drawing of koi tattoo art

image reblogged from http://www.tattoounet.tumblr.com

Black and grey koi art

Koi tattoo art drawing of a large carp shaded in black and grey with waves coming from behind that fan outward.

Black and grey fish drawing of koi tattoo art

Here is a classic Japanese koi tattoo drawing that has detailed shading in black and grey on the carp. The rest of the background can either be left unfilled or colored in for more of a bold look. The waves around this carp have softer lines than other tattoos so shading with blue would work really well with this drawing.The face and the eye of the fish have a lot of traditional Japanese art detail to them. 

This image also has two solid white lines running through the body of the fish which would make the tattoo stand out on your body. This art drawing could be used alone or as a base to add other accents like flowers, leaves, bubbles, or shapes to personalize your tattoo.