September 22, 2020

Cartoon art of black fish koi tattoo

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Koi tattoo art outline

Black and white outline of a Japanese anime style koi fish with bubbles and cloud like background.

Cartoon art of black fish koi tattoo

An outline like this koi fish tattoo allows you to get the basic art you want and add your own color scheme with as much or as little detail as you like. This fish has a small body with neat U shape scales and a big swishy tail for the fin. The face and eyes are drawn like those of Japanese anime characters seen in cartoons and the mouth is also more cartoonish with a simple line instead of a traditional fish pout. The circles placed around the carp could be shaded to look like bubbles as well.

This image has a fantasy look to it and would look cute as a tiny little tattoo in pinks, yellows, and purple with a white background on a girl. The art could be made more masculine with reds, gold, and a black background too.