Dezember 3, 2021

Color drawing koi tattoo with fish and flowers

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Orange koi with flowers

Orange koi like the fish in this drawing are the most popular type of fish in koi tattoo designs for girls and men.

Color drawing koi tattoo with fish and flowers

Although carp are a fairly common type of fish today, koi fish (Japanese for carp) are surrounded by mystical legends and mythical significance in Japanese and Chinese cultures. For this reason, koi tattoo designs like this colorful drawing are popular images to use in body art, as a symbol of courage and strength.

Koi tattoos are often depicted with water, as the legend of the koi fish suggests that the creatures were able to swim upstream and even up waterfalls to fulfill their destiny. For that reason, koi tattoos like the one in this koi fish drawing often feature a carp in water, swimming either upstream or downstream.