Mai 22, 2022

Woman Winged Angel Tattoo

Sexy woman angel tattoo

The angel tattoo design shown here features a scantily clad female angel with long hair and white wings on her back.

Woman winged angel tattoo

This angel tattoo design portrays an unconventional, full-bodied female angel with a white material draped across her body, The angel has flowing blonde hair, striking facial features, full lips and a beautiful pair of white wings extending above her head. The tattoo is inked in black and white and can probably be found on the arm of a man. Is it just me, or does this angel have a strange expression on her face?

Traditionally, angel images are meant to symbolize protection and safety, and are often shown sheltering children or holding babies. In most cases, angel tattoos represent peace, calmness and safety, although they can also be depicted as war-like and ferocious. One of the most popular angel tattoo designs is the concept of a guardian angel, whose duty is to protect the wearer from harm. This particular angel image however, doesn’t seem capable of doing much protecting, and is probably just some guy’s best shot at scoring the “perfect woman.”

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