März 31, 2017

Japanese branch & flowers cherry blossom tattoo on arm

image reblogged from http://www.tattoounet.tumblr.com

Asian cherry blossoms

Beautiful Japanese cherry blossom flowers in pink and purple with dark branches and little flower buds.

Japanese branch & flowers cherry blossom tattoo on arm

Japanese cherry blossom trees look beautiful when the flowers are big and popping with color. Some designs have the detail in the branches but this tattoo has plain black branches that end with tiny magenta flower buds. The cherry blossom flowers are unlined so they have a purple shaded background to make the white and pink petals stand out.

This backgorund is uncommon but is a great way to add color and definition to the simple flowers. The image also has large flower petals placed here and there to fill out the tattoo. This ink was done on the inner forearm and placed on a slight angle.

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